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Jaundice (yellow discoloration)

Posted on September 30, 2010 at 2:58 AM

Jaundice is mainly manifested by yellow discoloration of the sclera, skin and urine, resulted from the dampness in the spleen and heat in the stomach, leading to abnormal circulation of the bile spread to the skin surface. The seasonal and epidemic pathogen also create the fact of the dampness accumulation.

Case study:

Patient came for general wellness who decline of any sickness. He is very interested in oriental medicine, and would like to experience acupuncture. During the history taken, he mentioned he has noticed his tongues coating turned to very thick yellow since he practiced Qi Gong two months ago. Generally, if patients come for wellness, we will strength their digestion function, move the qi and blood and clear the channel. But with the yellow tongue coating presented, I knew there is a pathogeneses excite.

If Patient has pathogens we will clear the pathogens first. So, I started digging what cause the thick yellow tongue coating and think what treatment should be performed. I asked if patient felt thirsty, he replied “yes” and showed me he carried a bottle of water and a bottle of juice. But has no desired to even drink them. I ask if patient has bitter taste in the mouth. He replied “yes, some”. I asked, “ Do you feel hot afternoon? He said, “ I am always hot”. Before I was going to feel his pulse, he said “ I am an athlete, so I have a slow pulse”. The truth is I didn’t feel his pulse was slow; in fact it was a little fast.

All these findings were indicated dampness accumulated turn to heat, and the heat now presented stronger than the dampness. Patient is an athlete has strong constitution and practice qi kong and Tai qi. He said he hardly feel sick or symptoms. I started to exam his skin, eyes, nail and look for any signs. He obviously out in the sun a lots, he has suntan but the color seemed more yellowish brown than dark brown. Then, I looked his palms, and put my palms next to them.His palms appeared very yellowish. So, clear “ Damp- Heat” was my treatment principle to start.

The main points were select for expel dampness and clear heat,

GB 34- patient felt very strong qi sensation

SP 9- patient felt the qi movement all the way down to the leg

Ren 9- patient also has strong feeling of the qi.

LI11-clear heat

GB40- treatment bile

ST40 -was added to the treatment for phlegm

ST44- clear qi level heat

LV3-combine with GB34 or Jaundice

After removed the needles, I examed patient’s palms. Surprised, you can see a big color change of his palms from yellow to white. It indicated my treatment direction was right. It cleared the jaundice. So, I asked if patient has traveled to a place was high wet and hot lately. He did two months ago. I asked what he likes to eat. He likes to eat curry and spicy food. Conclusion, The disturbance of spleen and stomach cause the damp-heat created internally. Travel to the weather is moist and hot open his body to pathogens. Qi Gong promoting the qi circulation and detoxicate the pathogen; therefore the tongue coating changed.

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